My feelings about Covid-19

When I was in elementary school, there was also a virus called Mers. I don’t quite remember how it happened nor resolved, but I do remember people being scared of it. Covid-19 brings me the same emotional feeling of being scared, but in a more serious way.

Social Distancing

Just hearing the word ‘social distancing’ makes me sick now. I have had 100% online school for about 7 days, and I’m now desperate to see everyone in real life, not on computer screens. I’m thankful for having my family by my side. I sincerely miss my big family who are in America right now, and even my grandpa in Korea who I can’t visit often.


Though COVID-19 has taken my normal life routine from me going to school and meeting my friends and family, I have decided to see this in a positive way. Having hagwons and tutors cancelled, I have so many choices that I can make. My eyes are now open to a whole new set of opportunities that I have.


Having this vast time, I had more time to think about myself: what I like, what I want to be, and what I want to try. One of the hobbies that I have found during social distancing is skate-boarding.


Another positive aspect that I found from social distancing is getting closer to my family. Our family was always close to each other, but by having dinners together all the time and spending our evenings together, I feel our relationship getting much stronger.


I have started to think that this situation has a purpose to us: having a break from everything. We have lived our life so busily, until the point of not recognizing other’s pain or joy. We only cared about ourselves, and were too egoistic to look out for others. I believe this time can be used for looking out for others, by at least giving them a simple phone call, asking them how they’re doing.